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Chronology of an Address Project

The CCHS consists of the Archives and the Clinton County Historical Museum.  We have visitors that want to know what history is available about their business or place of residence. We show them what we have and then refer them to the Clinton County Court House to gather more information. Until the beginning of this project, the information has been scattered in different areas of our collection and we want that to change.  This will be an ongoing project so please stop back.

Mailing routes are not divided by townships nor do they always stay within our county so the starting place will be with zip codes and the city/town/village related to that code.

We are starting with the 48879 zip code which is the St. Johns Post Office. We will be adding the other Clinton County zip codes as soon as possible.

City Directories and miscellaneous information sources are being used to create this project. We have a searchable database that you can search by Name, Postal Number, or Street Name.  There are business names that have no address listed because in the early newspaper ad era, everyone knew where the business was located and we are not sure.  In the 1940's the downtown St. Johns business addresses were converted to 3 digit numbers so you will have to look at, as an example, 12 or 112 N. Clinton Ave. for the Sugar Bowl.  And as more houses were built the house numbers could have changed to accommodate the new additions on the block.

Spellings are pretty much what was in the source document and there isn't a guarantee of complete accuracy.  Just a good try for it.

House photos are by zip code and then Street or Road.  We are trying to include all we can find to show you the old, remodeled, and new.

We would be appreciative for any information and/or photos you would like to share  for this project.  Our mailing address is CCHS, P.O. Box 174, St. Johns, MI 48879 or you can email us here.