1863 - 19

Abstracted and Compiled

by the

Genealogists of the Clinton County Historical Society

Revised May 2012



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Note:  Frequently, variations of spelling and data appear in various newspaper accounts for the same person.  Some entries in this index give more information than will be found in the citation given.  That additional information was obtained from the marriage license listing in the same or another contemporary newspaper, then that license citation was deleted to save space.  Researchers should view civic records for verification and/or interpretation.



CCRN  The Clinton County Republican-News
CI   The Clinton Independent
CR  The Clinton Republican
MRD     The Maple Rapids Dispatch
SJN  The St. Johns News


       Abstracting Details


Yrs. Abstracted  Newspaper By
1863 - 1869 CR Wilma Sowle (1980's)
1870 - 1881 CI Wilma Sowle (1980's)
1875 - 1876 CR fragments, Microfilm Reel #9  Myrna Van Epps (1993)
1881 - 1990 CR Wilma Sowle (1995)
1882 CI  1881 marriages, compiled in 24 Aug. issue Myrna Van Epps (2001)
1883 CI   Wilma Sowle (1980's)
1885 - 1886 (partial) Wilma Sowle (1980's)
1886  CI (fragments) Microfilm Reel #9 Myrna Van Epps (1993)
1890   Wilma Sowle (1995)
1891 - 1892 MRD   Wilma Sowle (1980's)
1891 CR Wilma Sowle (1996)
1892 CI  Janet Dunn (1992-1993)
1893 CR Thomas Thiell (1995)
1894 CR Wilma Sowle (1995)
1895 - 1899 CR Thomas Thiell (1995-1996)
1900 CR Wilma Sowle (1993)


Computer Entry - Myrna Van Epps (1992-1993; 1995-1997; 2001)



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