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Photo Album - Yearbooks

Class of 1928*

  DeWitt High School

Class of 1928

Mabel BRINKERHOFF -- (1st row 2nd from left)
Esther LERG --
(1st row 3rd from left)
Martin LERG --
(2nd row 3rd from left)
Carmelita LIETZKE --
(1st row 1st from the left)
Mildred LIETZKE --
(Not Pictured**)
(2nd row 1st from left)
Elmer O'BERRY --
(2nd row 2nd from left)
Lucile STRAHL--
(2nd row 4th from left)
Evelyn WELTON --
(1st row 4th from left)

(also pictured C. H. Fuerstenau)

  *DeWitt High School ended after 10th grade prior to 1939
** Mildred did not attend graduation ceremonies as she was in the hospital recovering from surgery.
Photo courtesy of DeWitt Public Library


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