Clinton County Michigan





Revised  May 2002

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Township Section Name Location
Bath 20 Pleasant Hill  Webster Rd. north of Drumheller Rd.
Bath 23 Rose Upton Rd. between Clark & Stoll Rds.
Bengal 2 Frink W. Walker Rd. between Airport & Lowell Rds.
Bengal 27 Bray Lowell Rd. between Parks & Centerline Rds.
Bengal 30 Oak Ridge Taft Rd. just west of Wacousta Rd.
Bengal 35 Georgia Centerline Rd. Between Lowell & Grove Rds.
Bingham 6 Gardner SE corner of Kinley and Airport Rds.
Bingham 9 Mt. Rest 706 E. Steel St., St. Johns
Bingham 28 South Bingham NE corner of Taft & County Farm Rds.
Dallas 9 Most Holy Trinity Catholic SE corner of Grange & Walker Rds., W. of Fowler
Dallas 36 St. Paul's Lutheran E side of Wright Rd. between Taft & Centerline Rds.
DeWitt 5 DeWitt N. Bridge St., DeWitt
DeWitt 20 Hurd NW corner of DeWitt & Stoll Rds.
DeWitt 23 Gunnisonville SE corner of Wood St./Williams Rd & Clark Rd.
Duplain 10 Riverside Upton Rd. between Island & Ridge Rds.
Duplain 11 Elsie Village W. Main St., Elsie
Duplain 29 Duplain E. Colony Rd., east of Watson Rd.
Eagle 9 North Eagle Grange Rd. south of Howe Rd.
Eagle 23 Niles Niles Rd., south of Clark Rd.
Essex 8 Maple Rapids Village Washington St., Maple Rapids
Essex 9 Sowle NW corner of Island & Essex Center Rds.
Essex 19 Beach/Jones Wacousta Rd. 1 mile north of Colony Rd.
Essex 23 Lowe Lowe Rd. between Findlay & Anderson Rds.
Essex 36 Prairie W. Colony Rd. between Airport & Grove Rds.
Greenbush 8 Union Home W. Maple Rapids Rd. between DeWitt Rd. and US127
Greenbush 11 Eureka Hyde Rd. between Williams & Krepps Rds.
Greenbush 23 Richmond Sevy Rd. between Williams & Welling Rds.
Greenbush 28 French "destroyed"
Greenbush 32 Schoolhouse/Diller Corner of DeWitt & Banner Rds.
Lebanon 30 East Plains Hubbardston Rd. between Colony & French Rds.
Lebanon 36 Wager Kinley Rd. between Wright & Bauer Rds.
Olive 5 Merrihew Price Rd. between DeWitt & Loomis Rds.
Olive 20 Alward Lake SE corner of Alward & DeWitt Rds.
Olive 35 Wilsey Bond Rd. between Round Lake & Chadwick Rds.
Ovid 12 Maple Grove Elm St., Ovid
Ovid 29 South Ovid Near SE corner of Parks & St. Clair Rds.
Riley 7 Boughton Dexter Trail at west end of Church Rd.
Riley 8 St. Peter's Lutheran Church Rd. between Dexter Trail & Forest Hill Rds.
Riley 35 South Riley Lowell Rd. between Cutler & Chadwick Rds.
Victor 9 Stilson SE corner of Price & St. Clair Rds.
Victor 13 Blood SE corner of Jason & Hollister Rds.
Victor 21 Reed Alward Rd. between St. Clair & Shepardsville Rds.
Watertown 17 Wacousta Corner of Wacousta & Corrison Rds.
Watertown 36 Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens Corner of Airport & Grand River Rds.
Westphalia 8 St. Mary's Catholic Price Road between Jones & Grange Rds. west of Westphalia

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