H. H. Hardesty, Publisher


The CCHS Archives has copies of two editions of this title.  These books contain mostly national and Civil War history; however, the last section of each is made up of brief biographies of approximately 200 Michigan Civil War veterans.   Probably many other editions, under this title and using this format, exist having been compiled by the publisher in various areas and years.


The books do not include all veterans but evidently only those who subscribed and submitted their biography.   The biographies usually tell the veteran's birth date, term of service, battles, family members (including wife's parents), occupation, address, ancestors and other relatives who served in the military, and miscellaneous other information of interest to genealogists.   


This index is for the following two versions:


1894 Soldier's Edition  which  lists veterans from a broad Michigan geographical area  including, for example,  Fenton, Grand Blanc, Flint, and North Branch. 


1896 Soldier's Edition which includes Clinton Co. veterans and those from other mid-Michigan counties (Ionia, Gratiot, Montcalm, etc.)  


A  = 1894 edition    B  = 1896 edition


Name Birth Date Residence Vol-Page
Adams, Delos 3Jul1841 Ortonville, Oakland A 567
Adams, George W. 20Jul1836 Fenton A 567
Adams, John Q. c1842 Grand Blanc A 568
Alcott, William H. 20Aug1840   A 568
Allen, Willard B. 16Feb1835 Flint A 569
Alyea, Warren C. 18Sep1832 Attica A 569
Armstrong, James   Flushing A 570
Austin, John W. 17May1843 Five Lakes A 571
Baker, Charles 17May1847 Grand Blanc A 571
Balcom, Edgar C. 10Oct1837 Otter Lake A 572
Ballard, Lamont 12Feb1835 Attica A 573
Barber, William May1835 Mt. Morris A 573
Barney, Marion C.   Flint A 574
Beacham, Lemuel c1820 Imlay City A 575
Beardsley, Orange 1825 Montrose A 575
Beebe, Warren S. 31Aug1830 Lapeer A 576
Bentley, Samuel D. 11Aug1846 Swartz Creek A 598
Bessey, Oscar N. 16Jan1844 Dryden A 576
Bevens, Samuel 16Aug1825 Imlay City A 577
Bonney, Moses 18Jul1847 King's Mills A 577
Bothwell, James 6Jul1820 Oregon A 578
Botsford, Benjamin A. 24Aug1821 Fenton A 579
Bowern, George Jr. 15Nov1849 Thayer A 579
Bradshaw, George 20Mar1838 Lapeer A 580
Bradshaw, Harrison 23Nov1840 North Branch A 580
Broadwell, W. H. 4Feb1833 Columbiaville A 581
Buchanan, Henry T. c1840 Grand Blanc A 581
Burdick, Walstin H. 1841 Otterburn A 582
Bush, Louis 20Feb1836 Silver Wood A 582
Butcher, William 18JUn1838 Fenton A 583
Campbell, James c1848 Atlas A 584
Casler, Solomon W. 28Feb1835 Otter Lake A 584
Cayrl, Simon N. 5Nov1827 Columbiaville A 584
Childs, Earl K. 21Mar1828 Milford A 585
Chrouch, George W. 9Oct1843 Shaftsburg A 585
Clark, Levi C. 19Jun1825 Imlay City A 586
Clauga, Francis 31Jul1842 Five Lakes A 587
Collins, Levi H. 8Jan1840 Grand Blanc A 587
Cramer, Jacob D. 1819 Atlas A 588
Crankshaw, George 10Aug1842 Elba A588
Crosby, Albert 25Feb1833 Flushing A 589
Cross, David A. 1844 Flushing A 589
Curiston, Thomas 22Feb1841 Lapeer A 590
Curle, Stewart S. 28Apr1840 Flushing A 591
Curry, Lewis V. c1838 Fenton A 678
Darby, Charles 1841 Swartz Creek A 591
Dean, Charles L. 12Oct1844 Perry A 592
DeLong, Enos D. 14Sep1841 Flushing A 592
Denton, Emery 25Aug1839 Grand Blanc A 593
Dibble, Clark 12Nov1840 Fenton A 594
Dibble, George 31Mar1842 Flushing A 594
Dickerman, Edward H. c1840 Fenton A 678
Downing, George A. 15Oct1843 Lapeer A595
Drumm, Albret M. 1Oct1847 Henderson A 596
Dart, Edward S. 1821 Swartz Creek A 596
Dunker, Frederick C. 3Sep1827 Montrose A 597
Durfee, Edgar 23Apr1843 Fenton A 679
Dye, Charles c1841 Flint A 597
Eckler, Lemings J. 10Sep1838 Almont A 598
Eldred, Elijah C. 1Feb1825 Montrose A 599
Ellsworth, John 14Aug1839 Lapeer A 600
Emery, John 6Sep1846 Mt. Morris A 600
Enders, Harry H. c1841 Goodrich A 601
Ewing, Edwin I. 17Apr1840 Perry A 601
Falkinberry, Dewitt C. 30Apr1824 North Branch A 602
Farquharson, George B. 13Sep1841 Lapeer A 603
Foskett, William 5Nov1829 North Branch A 603
Fuller, Harrison W. 10Aug1840 Elsie A 680
Fuller, Otis B. 6Jan1826 Dryden A 680
Gable, Martin 24Mar1843 Swartz Creek A 604
Gallinger, Henry 5Apr1932 North Branch A 604
Gibson, Frederick E. 28Jun1844 Durand A 681
Goodale, Francis W. 7Oct1845 Farmer's Creek A 605
Grey, I. W. 9Jul1822 North Branch A 605
Griffth, George W. 22Oct1842 North Branch A 606
Hackett, Edward E. 23Feb1841 Owosso A 606
Haggadone, William 28Mar1830 Imlay City A 607
Haines, A. W. 17Feb1844 North Branch A 608
Hall, Sylvester M. 20Nov1836 Thornville A 608
Halstead, Milo B. 22Dec1830 Bennington A 609
Harrington, Wesley 10Feb1844 Dryden A 610
Harwood, Willard 19Mar1843 Imlay City A 611
Hawley, Hanford H. 3Nov1833 Perry A 611
Hendrick, N. Thomas 16Dec1932 Clifford A 611
Hewitt, Charles 25Nov1839 Laingsburg A 612
Hewitt, John E. c1836 Fenton A 681
Hill, Michael c1842 Morris A 613
Hiscock, William 5May1832 Montrose A 613
Hollingsworth, John 5Jul1845 Flint A 614
Howell, Joseph F. 22Sep1818 Dryden A 614
Hubbell, John A. c1845 Ovid A 615
Hubert, John 3Nov1833 Attica A 616
Huntley, James 13Oct1847 Imlay City A 616
Hutchings, Henry 17Mar1836 Perry A 617
Hutton, Philo M. 1Jun1830 Attica A 617
Irving, George W. 1Jun1846 Clayton A 618
Jennings, Almer B. 31Oct1843 Grand Blanc A 618
Jennings, Eli J. c1838 Goodrich A 619
Jerome, Samuel C. 6Oct1837 Flint A 619
Johnson, Frank 5Sep1846 Lapeer A 620
Johnston, William D. 22Feb1843 Flint A 682
Kahl, Henry H. 12Sep1836 Brent Creek A 620
Kelch, John 16May1845 Mt. Morris A 621
Kendall, Simeon B. 25Jan1829 Perry A 622
Kenyon, Daniel L. 1847 Montrose A 622
Kindre, Daniel A. 5Jan1830 Attica A 623
King, Michael 22Sep1839 Drake, Lapeer Co. A 623
Klech, Richard M. 14Apr1842 Silverwood A 624
Lake, Samuel 17Jul1842 Elk A 624
Lannon, Conrad 1846 Montrose A 625
Lason, Charles E. 1844 Atlas A 625
Leavitt, Joel 3Oct1840 Carland A 626
Leland, Edward 11Oct1830 Laingsburg A 626
Linzey, Charles B. 10May1841 Owosso A 627
Livermore, William B. 23May1844 Lapeer A 627
Lombard, Horace 24Dec1846 Lapeer A 628
Lutz, John N. 21Jun1845 Shaftsburg A 628
Lyons, Walter S. 4Nov1825 Black's Corners A 629
Mallett, Lewis 8Oct1829 Montrose A 629
Mann, James M. 28Jun1826 Imlay City A 630
Marsh, Alvah H. 12Jun1836 Fenton A 683
Marsh, Benjamin F. 23Feb1843 Flint A 683
Marsh, Edward C. 25Oct1846 Flint A 630
Martin, William H. J. c1849 Flushing A 631
McAuley, James 26Aug1818 McAuley A 631
McClain, Eli W. 12Feb1834 Bennington A 632
McClintock, Gilman J. 27Sep1832 Laingsburg A 633
McNeil, Baker 12Feb1848 Imlay City A 633
McNitt, Albert 18Aug1836 Montrose A 634
Moon, Charles H. 3Aug1830 Attica A 634
Mosey, Frank 26Oct1842 Montrose A 635
Mosier, Abraham 3Sep1833 Montrose A 635
Newall, George E. 18Sep1842 Flint A 636
Newcomb, Daniel 8Jun1818 Lapeer A 637
Newman, Benjamin     A 637
Ott, Ellis 16Apr1837 Owosso A 638
Parker, M. L. 1848 Owosso A 638
Pasco, Edwin 3Feb1839 Pittsburg A 639
Perry, Oliver H. 8Dec1844 Flushing A 639
Phelps, Cyrus c1868 Flushing A 640
Phipps, John H. 12Aug1835 Oxford A 641
Pollock, James W. 1832 Flushing A 641
Porter, Albert 18Aug1833 Metamora A 641
Randell, William P. 22Jul1836 Ortonville A 642
Reed, Horace K. 28Apr1830 Imlay City A 642
Reede, William H. 30May1840 Grand Blanc A 643
Robinson, Isaac K. 25Jul1808 Lapeer A 643
Roney, George 12Jan1844 Lapeer A 644
Roney, John W. 6Apr1819 Dryden A 644
Ross, William 17Aug1841 Henderson A 645
Rothgeb, Elijah 12Apr1839 Perry A 646
Ruess, Gottlob 6Jun1842 Bennington A 646
Rutherford, Lyman 30Aug1833 Imlay City A 647
Sadden, Charles W. c1845 Grand Blanc A 648
Sanborn, Edgar F. 15feb1847 Perry A 648
Sanborn, Lucius c1843 Hadley A 648
Sayre, Daniel B. c1830 Atlas A 649
Schnabel, Philip 25Mar1826 Owosso A 649
Schrambling, James 10Aug1824 Imlay City A 650
Seymour, James B. 16Nov1840 Flint A 650
Shaft, William H. 22Feb1845 Shaftsburg A 651
Shars, Theadore 25Jan1841 Imlay City A 651
Shephard, Andrew T. 16Oct1844 Lapeer A 653
Sheppard, Thomas H. 4Apr1824 Imlay City A 653
Shumar, Jacob M. 23Nov1840 Dryden A 653
Skinner, Francis E. 18Dec1831 Lapeer A 654
Slocum, Edward H. c1844 Flint A 655
Smith, Havilah 27Mar1833 Montrose A 655
Smith, Henry M. 11Jun1830 Lapeer A 656
Smith, Orlando J. 24May1846 North Branch A 657
Snell, Albert B. c1843 Swartz Creek A 657
Snyder, Birney M. 13Mar1845 Imlay City A 657
Southworth, Silas B. 10Apr1830 Ovid A 658
Spitler, George J. 1Feb1831 Henderson A 658
Stanton, John 6Jun1841 Ovid A 659
Stephens, J. C. C. 9Mar1836 Mt. Morris A 659
Stichler, R. M. 9Aug1837 Perry A 660
Stiff, W. C. 20Nov1843 Burton A 661
Saint John, Samuel H. 1Feb1843 Imlay City A 661
Stone, William 22Feb1832 Flushing A 662
Stout, Spencer C. 8Apr1827 Flushing A 662
Taylor, Alexander c1844 Imlay City A 663
Taylor, Alfred L. 25Oct1846 Elba A 663
Taylor, James H. 30Mar1829 Metamora A 664
Thomas, Cooley H. 23Jun1829 Sageville A 665
Thomas, Shubald H. 27Jun1844 Flushing A 665
Todd, Hanford E. c1830 Flint A 666
Townsend, Octavus 10Dec1837 Hadley A 666
Tripp, Winfield S. 28Mar1840 Hunter's Creek A 667
VanDeusen, Andrew M. 30JUl1847 Elsie A 591
VanKleek, Romain 3Dec1839 Dryden A 668
Vosburg, Ralph 17Jan1838 Gramd Blanc A 668
Waite, Miles 4Dec1836 Imlay City A 669
Warner, John 15Feb1828 Montrose A 669
Webster, Alanson 14Feb1841 Attica A 670
Wells, Charles L. 23Dec1844 Perry A 671
Weston, Edwin A. 18Feb1861 Lapeer A 671
Weston, Lester J. 23Nov1842 North Branch A 672
Wheeler, Isaac 2Apr1845 Flushing A 672
While, John 19Feb1828 Chapin A 673
Widger, Alpheus C. 5Sep1843 Imlay City A 673
Wilber, Wesley G. 2Apr1837 Silverwood A 674
Wilbur, William H. 25Aug1840 Swartz Creek A 674
Williams, H. H. Oct 1841 Fenton A 675
Williams, John 11Jun1830 Imlay City A 675
Williams, Simon C. 3Mar1830 Lapeeer City A 676
Wing, Charles T. 25May1837 Perry A 677
Wright, Tiffney S. 21Aug1833 Perry A 677
Abel, William A. 17Mar1846 Bath B 1183
Abraham, John 1829 Lyons B 1183
Allen, Thomas R. 8Feb1843 Ionia B 1184
Anderson, James 12Aug1828 Maple Rapids B 1184
Anderson, Thomas 25Dec1843 Maple Rapids B 1185
Barrows, Henry 22Mar1840 Palo B 1186
Bates, Hosea B. 26May1833 Sebewa B 1186
Beard, Jacob F. 15Apr1823 Lake Odessa B 1187
Beddy, Cyrus 18Feb1844 Smyrna B 1187
Berry, Edwin R. 26Jan1839 Belding B 1188
Bever, Martin 22May1838 Lake Odessa B 1188
Bice, Joseph 31Maar1827 Portland B 1189
Black, Edward 12Jan1833 DeWitt B 1189
Bliss, Horatio 17Apr1830 Riley B 1190
Bliss, Stephen C. 19Apr1814 Riley B 1190
Bradley, Henry 7Jan1826 Lyons B 1191
Briggs, John 10Feb1812 North Lansing B 1191
Bronson, William S. 22Apr1822 DeWitt B 1192
Brown, Alonzo 1845 Otisco B 1193
Brown, Charles 27Sep1841 Belding B 1193
Brown, George W. Dec1850 Shiloh B 1193
Brown, General M. 30Sep1839 Belding B 1194
Burdick, L. D. Apr1829 Ovid B 1195
Burkett, John 11May1830 Muir B 1195
Carpenter, Elkenah L. 20May1819 Sunfield B 1296
Carpenter, Jonah H. 14Feb1817 Sunfield B 1196
Carter, George W. 8Feb1847 Bath B 1196
Casterline, Abram L. 8Oct1829 Maple Rapids B 1197
Case, Schuyler 24Jul1840 Belding B 1197
Chapman, Andrew 28May1834 DeWitt B 1198
Choates, W. 11Jan1845 Belding B 1198
Clark, Edward 28Mar1841 Bath B 1199
Clark, Josias C. 6Dec1826 Rosina B 1199
Clise, Frederick c1813 Bath B 1200
Conklin, Allen 5Aug1843 Ionia B 1201
Cover, George W. c1844 Lake Odessa B 1201
Covert, James 10Dec1841 Ovid B 1202
Cranson, Samuel F. 3Nov1825 Hubbardston B 1202
Credit, Henry 1829 Belding B 1203
Croel, William A. 14Apr1841 Lyons B 1203
Dalrymple, Aaron M. 24Feb1934 Palo B 1204
Davis, James 31Aug1847 St. Johns B 1204
Dinsmore, Ezra J. 22Jul1839 Danby B 1205
Deatsman, Charles 19Jul1830 Sebewa B 1206
Drumheller, Jacob 4Jun1812 Bath B 1206
Dryer, Allen 14Jun1840 Bath B 1207
Etson, Wilbur Sep1839 Lyons B 1207
Evans, Christopher C. 30Jan1845 St. Johns B 1208
Evans, Jacob W. Sep1842 Portland B 1208
Evans, John Nov1823 Bath B 1209
Evans, Joseph F 2Feb1850 Bath B 1209
Farrer, Isaac 6Jul1839 Muir B 1210
Filkins, Marvin A. 21Sep1832 Belding B 1210
Fish, Valentine 3Feb1832 St. Johns B 1211
Fleischer, John C. 15May1839 Ovid B 1211
Friend, Francis A. 20May1844 Portland B 1212
Friend, George E. 18Feb1846 Sebewa B 1296
Gage, William B. 1Sep1846 Matherton B 1213
Gates, Wesley 20Oct1837 Saranac B 1213
Gauss, John 27Mar1837 Palo B 1214
Geisenhafer, Jacob Jul1830 Lansing B 1214
Gibson, James 7Dec1830 DeWitt B 1215
Gitchell, Martin C. 7May1844 Ovid B 1215
Gladding, William H. 8Jun1846 Lyons B 1216
Goodrich, William H. 26Jun1846 Bath B 1217
Graft, George 3JUn1835 Portland B 1217
Green, Thomas H. 12Apr1836 St. Johns B 1218
Grieves, John 4Jan1847 Saranac B 1218
Grove, Henry 14Jan1845 Hubbardston B 1219
Haas, Levi 16Nov1840 Maple Rapids B 1220
Hair, Jacob 26Dec1837 Portland B 1220
Hair, Joseph 18Apr1841 Portland B 1221
Hall, Smith 7Oct1845 DeWitt B 1221
Harris, Ambrose 25Dec1844 Muir B 1222
Harrington, Benjamin 18Dec1838 Belding B 1222
Harrington, John 23Jul1829 Ionia B 1223
Hath, James M. 31Mar1833 DeWitt B 1224
Haviland, Charles E. 1Apr1840 Bath B 1224
Hayesman, William E. 18Oct1844 Ionia B 1225
Heiler, Theodore 14Jan1833 DeWitt B 1225
Helms, Hiram 1Mar1832 Maple Rapids B 1226
Hoges, Ralph 5Sep1849 Hubbardston B 1226
Holley, Ralph W. 17Oct1828 DeWitt B 1227
Houston, Archibald Oc1825 Hubbardston B 1228
Howland, William R. 9Apr1845 St. Johns B 1228
Hummel, Jacob J. 1842 South Cass B 1229
Hunt, Abram 11Dec1821 Collins B 1229
Hunt, Smith A. 10Jan1840 Fowler B 1230
Hyler, Abram H. 21Apr1831 Bath B 1230
Ingalls, John D. 22May1828 Watertown B 1231
Irish, Welcome M. 25Dec1839 Pewamo B 1231
Jeffers, Ira S. 28Oct1844 Palo B 1232
Jenkins, Lorin F. 15Nov1842 Portland B 1232
Jessup, Andrew 26Nov1844 Matherton B 1233
Johnson, Edward 21Feb1841 Lyons B 1234
Jones, Albert 24Sep1845 South Riley B 1234
Jones, Lester F. 24Dec1830 Ionia B 1235
Kart, Samuel 2Apr1844 Lake Odessa B 1235
Kanouse, Francis 11Aug1832 Ionia B 1236
Kinney, Samuel 6Nov1838 Maple Rapids B 1236
Knickerbocker, James A. 9Jun1844 Maple Rapids B 1237
Knowles, William 15Jaan1828 Ionia B 1238
Korcher, Gottlieb 17Nov1827 St. Johns B 1238
Lansbury, Nelson 2Mar1846 Shepardsville B 1239
Lanz, Charles 15Aug1842 Ionia B 1239
Lewis, Ransom 6Feb1846 Shepardsville B 1239
Leach, Wesley H. 22Apr1843 Shiloh B 1240
Lovrien, Charles B. 15Aug1842 Ionia B 1240
Marsh, Charles 24Sep1830 Bath B 1241
Marsh, C. S. 31Jan1843 Lyons B 1242
Marsh, James 28Dec1819 Hubbardston B 1242
Marshall, John C 12Feb1831 DeWitt B 1243
Mankey, Charles c1829 Fowler B 1244
McCoy, Charles 25Aug1845 Lake Odessa B 1244
Meade, Arthur 25Nov1843 St. Johns B 1245
Miller, Wilmer 13May1838 Maple Rapids B 1246
Minier, Francis B. 19Sep1820 Palo B 1245
Moser, Samuel 1825 Lake Odessa B 1246
Moyer, Jonathan C. 16Nov1831 Maple Rapids B 1247
Myer, Elias H. Dec1843 St. Johns B 1247
McCrossen, Christopher C. 14Apr1839 Smyrna B 1248
Nash, Harrison 10Aug1814 Maple Rapids B 1248
Nash, Henry H. 6Apr1845 Maple Rapids B 1249
Newhouse, Simon 27Jul1842 Muir B 1250
Newman, James A. 1846 Bath B 1250
Newman, Silas W. 7Aug1847 Bath B 1251
Osburn, Samuel 28Sep1821 Ionia B 1251
Parmenter, Russell B. 17Mar1830 Ionia B 1252
Pattengill, William H. 5Aug1839 Sebewa B 1253
Patterson, John 25Dec1837 St. Johns B 1253
Patterson, Seldon J. 25Mar1830 Eureka B 1252
Petrie, John R. 25Dec1837 St. Johns B 1254
Phillips, Wilson M. 21Oct1843 Belding B 1254
Pierce, William 3Mar1823 Bath B 1255
Pinkerton, Handy A. 14Oct1847 Ionia B 1255
Potter, W. F. 23Jan1832 Laingsburg B 1256
Pound, Asa 19Mar1834 Laingsburg B 1256
Purcy, George 14Aug1837 Smyrna B 1257
Rathburn, Paris 6Apr1829 Muir B 1258
Reed, John C. 13Oct1844 Maple Rapids B 1257
Reed, Otis H. 23Apr1822 Portland B 1259
Reeves, Lafayette 20Jul1826 Otisco B 1258
Rider, Charles H. 22Nov1839 St. Johns B 1259
Rogers, Eli R. 1Dec1840 Smyrna B 1260
Robb, Andrew 16Mar1831 St. Johns B 1260
Russell, Joseph A. 1824 Lake Odessa B 1261
Ryan, Richard 1830 Hubbardston B 1261
Sadler, Cyrenius H. 20Jul1835 Muir B 1262
Sage, William H. 6Jun1845 Fowler B 1263
Saxton, Daniel F. 23Jul1835 Portland B 1262
Sayles, John 3Aug1845 Belding B 1264
Shivley, Daniel 16Dec1839 Lansing B 1264
Schveni, John P.   Hubbardston B 1265
Schofield, Benjamin F. 26Nov1849 St. Johns B 1265
Scott, John H. 19Aug1842 Ionia B 1266
Severance, Melvin A. 4Jun1833 Belding B 1266
Sexton, Job W. 24Jul1841 Geary B 1267
Sexton, Zephaniah 23May1839 Price B 1267
Shaffer, Joseph Aug1841 Ionia B 1268
Shire, Henry 1837 Lake Odessa B 1268
Showerman, William 5oct1825 Lainsburg B 1269
Signs, Jeremiah 26Oct1841 Saranac B 1269
Sipley, John 1840 North Lansing B 1270
Sleight, James, D. Feb1840 Geary B 1271
Smith, Alfred R. 28Mar1842 Bath B 1271
Smith, Austin T. 20May1840 Bath B 1272
Smith, Ransellaer K. 17Feb1826 Hubbardston B 1272
Soughders, Joseph H. 15Feb1833 Portland B 1272
Sowle, Horace A. 23Mar1834 Maple Rapids B 1273
Stead, Joseph 18Nov1844 Maple Rapids B 1273
Steadman, Thomas A. 13Jan1832 Lyons B 12734
Steere, David 20COt1844 Palo B 1275
Stevens, Benevolent H. 26Apr1841 Portland B 1275
Stevens, Edwin C. 5Dec1830 St. Johns B 1276
Stevens, Harmon 8Jul1822 Ionia B 1276
Stickles, Joseph R. 6Mar1846 DeWitt B 1277
Stinehart, Theodore 12Dec1837 DeWitt B 1278
Stimson, G. W. 14Jul1845 St. Johns B 1278
Stoughton, Alfred W. 3Feb1832 Bath B 1278
Sturdevant, James 3Jul1844 South Riley B 1279
Sweeney, William H. 12Oct1844 Bath B 1280
Thompson, Wilbert 7Sep1830 Laingsburg B 1280
Tooker, Hiram L. 10Apr1840 Bath B 1281
Treat, Hiram D. 29Aug1838 Ovid B 1282
Toynton, William 25Aug1830 Muir B 1282
Tuttle, Almond 1Nov1835 Ionia B 1283
Underwood, Seymour 26Jun1832 Belding B 1283
Upton, Hart L. 23Jun1827 Victor B 1284
Vanscoy, George 12Dec1846 Bath B 1284
VanOrsdol, Amos C. 21May1835 Shephardsville B 1285
Wager, Andrew H. 26Jun1844 DeWitt B 1285
Watkins, Vernon C. 14Dec1845 Lake Odessa B 1286
Wendall, James H. 12Dec1832 Ionia B 1287
Way, Nathan C. 17May1821 Portland B 1287
West, Daniel W. 25Aug1825 Ionia B 1288
West, George H. 17Oct1837 Ovid B 1288
Wheeler, Gilbert 19Jun1823 Ovid B 1289
Wherry, William M. 25Mar1843 Bath B 1289
Wilder, Henry M. 20Mar1837 Muir B 1290
Wilson, Harvey 19Nov1840 Ovid B 1290
Wilson, John W. 9Nov1833 Bath B 1291
Wilson, Warren 20May1838 Bath B 1291
Wilkinson, Thomas 14Apr1843 Palo B 1292
Williams, Charles May1845 Matherton B 1293
Wohfron, Henry 1839 Lainsburg B 1294
Wood, Russell 9Apr1823 Haslett Park B 1294
Worden, James H. 14May1830 Victor B 1295
York, George B. 10Dec1841 Lake Odessa B 1295