Clinton County Oral History Collection

1970's-1990's & 2018-Present

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World War II Veteran Interviews
by St. Johns High School Students (2000-2001)
Robert Allen
Charles Berkhousen
Leon Brewbaker
Richard Cornwell
Nelson "Brub" Cowan
Mitch Das
Charlie Edward
F L Harris
Neal Harte
Roger Jorae
Mr. LeBlonde
Blaine C. Lentz
Dr. Cliff Lumbert
Fraser MacKinnon
Edmund Miller
Laurence Peterson
George Pierson
Isadore Rademacher
Carroll Ramsay
Jack Spalding
Forest Swatman
Robert Tait
Gerald Woodbury
Joseph "Bup" Yurek
Bob Zuker
Note on Interviews from 1970's-1990's

The Archives is pleased to present the opportunity for you to listen to audio files of past Clinton County residents. Volunteers of the Historical Society conducted these interviews beginning in the mid-1970s. Most of the interviewees were born in the late 1800s to early 1900s and have long since passed away. Their recollections are priceless first-hand descriptions of life in Clinton County throughout the 20th Century, and it was important that these interviews be, at some point, converted to an enduring digital format. One of these interviewees, Fordney Cushman (1912-1999), describes with great detail his neighbor, Andrew Kehoe - infamous for committing the Bath school bombing in 1927.

We were fortunate enough to find the perfect guy to do the conversion to digital.  Without Darryl, the old cassettes would still be sitting in a drawer at the Archives.

Darryl says...
 It was a pleasure to participate in this preservation project - converting aging cassette tapes of interviews with Clinton County seniors to digital audio files that the Clinton County Historical Society is now posting here online for public access.

 Converting audio cassettes to digital format required playing back each cassette in its entirety to re-record to computer. There are about 30 hours of  audio in this collection. The quality of the sound varies greatly. Some of the cassettes sound muffled, noisy or distorted, but this is the nature of the original recordings and not the conversion process. In some cases, the batteries in the portable cassette recorder that was used would weaken during the long interview process, slowing the recorder's tape speed and making the playback of the voices sound increasingly higher in pitch. There was no modification of these recordings because I wanted to maintain the integrity of the original recordings for archival purposes.

 Enjoy browsing these interviews. Those volunteers of the Clinton County Historical Society who had the foresight to begin this project over forty years ago many of whom themselves have passed away deserve our gratitude.

Darryl Schmitz
33 1/3 Street Sound
St. Johns, Michigan

Darryl's contact information:
[email protected]

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