Forest Hill History

 The remembrance of an era of a once active and bustling community, welded together by the bonds of friendship, fellowship, and concerns for the well being of their neighbors.


Compiled and written by:

 Bertha Light


 Reorganized, retyped and exhibits added by Robert Francis Bliss

(The 2nd Great Grandson of Stebbins Clark Bliss)

March 2003



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History of Forest Hill

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Appendix A - Riley Dexter First White Child Buried in Clinton

Appendix B - Bliss Family History & Obituary of Henry Bliss

Appendix C - Obituary of Sidney J Bliss

Appendix D - Obituary of Mrs. Merritt Temple (Sabrina Hortensia Bliss)

Appendix E - Obituary of H Glenn Bliss

Appendix F - Obituary of Earl Bliss

Appendix G - Obituary of Lucretia L. Temple

Appendix H - Obituary of Roe S Temple

Appendix  I - Obituary of Henry Boss

Appendix  J - Obituary of Dora Bell Boss & Francis Bucklin

Appendix K - Obituary of Christian Martens

Appendix L - Obituary of Mrs. Nellie Broughton Mossman

Appendix M - Obituary of Lillie E. Hildreth Welton

Appendix N  - Obituary of Dr. Peter Banta

Appendix O - Obituary of Robert Landers

Appendix P  - Obituary of Lucinus Young & Ira Thome

Appendix Q - Obituary Geo Hildreth Sears Gardner Sterling Bristol

Appendix R - Obituary of Jennie Kleckner

Appendix S  - Obituary of Clarence Schafer

Appendix T - Obituary of Elizabeth Fedewa

Appendix U  - Obituary John Martens Johanna Martens Daughter of John & Johanna

Appendix V  - Obituary of Charles E Bills

Appendix W  - Orpha & Orel Hildreth

Appendix Y1 - Leon Schumaker Retires

Appendix Y2 - Dorretta Krumm & Henry Witt Wed

Appendix Y3 - Emma Schrader & Edward Laucht Wed

Appendix Y4 - Golden Anniversary Schroede - Obituary of Mrs. Fred Schroeder

Appendix Y5 -1870 Clinton County MI Census

Appendix Y6 - 1830 Original Deed to land in Riley Township